6 Foods and Drinks to Avoid for Bright, Beautiful Smiles

Bright Beautiful Smile

A glowing, white smile is something everyone wants to achieve, but did you know your diet plays a role in how white your teeth are?

If you are noticing that your pearly whites are starting to fade, it may be due to your diet. If you want to keep your teeth white and beautiful, you need to avoid these foods or enjoy them only in moderation.

  1. Wine: Wine, and more specifically red wine, has chromogens and tannins that stain the teeth. White wine can also make the teeth more likely to stain when exposed to other staining foods, like tea. If you choose to enjoy wine, do so in moderation.
  2. Tea: The tannins in tea, especially black tea, are responsible for staining the teeth. In fact, it has a higher risk of staining the teeth than coffee. If you choose to enjoy tea, choose a white, green, or herbal variety rather than a black tea to keep your teeth clean and beautiful.
  3. Colas: Cola sodas have a deep caramel coloring. But it’s the acid that makes them a risk for your teeth. The acid and chromogen in the soft drink damages the enamel and makes the teeth more likely to be stained, according to East Tennessee University. All carbonated beverages carry this risk. The acidity breaks down the enamel, making the teeth easier to stain.
  4. Sports Drinks: Sports drinks also have high acidity and can make your teeth easier to stain with other staining foods.
  5. Candies: The coloring agents in many candies, combined with their acidity, create a recipe for stained teeth. If you notice that the candy is changing the color of your tongue, then it’s probably also hurting the color of your teeth.
  6. Berries: Berries are high in healthy antioxidants and fiber, but too many berries can cause stains on your teeth. The deep colors in blueberries, cranberries, cherries, dark grapes, and similar berries can lead to stains on your teeth.

The problem with all of these foods is that the changes happen slowly. You can enjoy them from time to time without risking your teeth, but if you indulge in these on a regular basis, your teeth will stain.

To avoid damage, brush your teeth after enjoying these foods. You should also schedule regular dental visits to give your teeth a deep clean. If you’re looking for solutions to remove existing stains on your teeth or just make them appear brighter, there are several tooth whitening options available, including gels and in-office treatments.

To find out about other steps you can take to improve the health and whiteness of your teeth, contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Smith.