Procedure Guarantee


We will guarantee much of the restorative work done by our dental office for a period of three years due to failure of materials or breakage of materials. The guarantee implies or states no fault of Doctor, Practice, or Patient. We will remake the portion of what our dental office provided that failed at no charge. The office retains the right to refer any patient that needs work beyond the scope or this practice at the patient’s expense.

We Guarantee the Following Procedures:

  1. Crowns
  2. Fixed bridges
  3. Implant Crowns
  4. Occlusal guards
  5. Partials / Complete upper dentures and lower dentures
  6. Sealants (for a period of three (2) years)
  7. Veneers (covered in full for the first year; then in decreasing 20% increments for the next 4 years.)

The plan does NOT cover periodontal disease, orthodontic treatment, and relines due to tissue changes. Nor does it cover loss or trauma due to accidents (falling down, negligence, abuse, auto accident, etc) or failure of a restoration due to recurrent decay.

This guarantee will remain in effect and not be voided as long as patients keep their scheduled recall appointments as directed by the hygiene department. Hygiene appointments are scheduled normally once every six months, but could be more frequent due to control of active periodontal disease. Application of topical fluoride treatment and four (4) X-rays are required a minimum of once a year for guarantee to remain in force.